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Peculiarities of cultivation of psilocybin fungi at home

Psilocybin fungi or magic mushrooms are very unpretentious and cosmopolitan. They grow on almost all the known continents, and that is why it is not difficult to grow their homes. Cultivation of psilocybin fungi begins with the production of mycelium.

Ready-made kits for cultivation
Although in many countries, the cultivation and especially the spread of a hallucinogenic substance to psilocybe is prohibited by law, the Internet gives fans of these mushrooms the opportunity to buy a ready-made magic mushroom grow kit. It includes a sterile substrate and a spore suspension.
Advantages of Such readymade kit
The advantage of the kit is that the substrate is manufactured under laboratory conditions using the antibiotic gentamicin. It kills pathogenic bacteria and prevents the contamination of the substrate.
The soil mixture is composed of the components most suited for the purpose of cultivation of psilocybin fungi:
– Layered mineral of vermiculite;
– Peat mixture;
– Organically grown grains (wheat, rice, corn);
– Purified water
After the process of packaging the mycelia-contaminated substrate, the package is pasteurized and evacuated. Subsequently, it is enough to pierce the filters prepared on the package with a sterile needle and pour a spore suspension into the substrate. After about 2-3 weeks, depending on the conditions, a colonization process will occur. The result is maximum quickly if the substrate was placed in a dark, warm place (constant temperature 28-30 0 C). After germination, the mycelium should be placed in a special box.
In Conclusion: the final Consideration
This is the easiest way to grow psilocybin fungi, available even for beginners. And it is possible to order a kit that already includes not only the mother material, but also the necessary tools, namely:
– Thermo box (to maintain temperature conditions);
– Incubator (for germination of mycelium in close proximity to sterile conditions);
– A detailed video that answers the main questions on the cultivation of mushrooms at home.
Cultivate psilocybin fungi at home is possible only if the conditions of absolute sterility are met. Otherwise, infection of the substrate with pathogenic bacteria and fungi occurs, which kill the mycelium on the root. A vivid testimony of an unsuccessful experiment will be a pronounced unpleasant odor. Healthy psilocybin fungi smell similar to forest counterparts.